Home Loan Refinancing – Consider the services of a Mortgage Planner.

Obtain 2nd Home Loan Refinancing Opinion

When home loan refinancing the majority of homeowners opt for the services of a familiar local lender or the financial institution that holds their savings accounts or their trusted mortgage broker without giving a thought to obtaining a 2nd home loan refinancing opinion. If you are one of those that follows this mode, how can you be certain that you have received the most appropriate mortgage refinancing advice and/or mortgage interest rates recommendation, if you don’t at least obtain a 2nd home loan refinancing opinion?

It is vitally important to the overall success of the home loan refinancing transaction that homeowners obtain a 2nd opinion.

Befoe home loan refinancing obtain a 2nd opinion from a mortgage planner to ensure the proposed home loan refinancing plan is in line with your expectations.For a quality comparison they should obtain a 2nd opinion from a mortgage refinancing specialist who is separate and distinct from the local lender, bank or mortgage broker, as obtaining a 2nd opinion from like minded people will deliver like minded results.

A Mortgage Planner is similar to the above in that they offer assistance with home loan refinancing but as a mortgage refinancing specialist they offer a service that is very distinct from that of a lender or mortgage broker. A Mortgage Planner will not only assist you to obtain a suitable home loan facility but will also assist you to effectively use the financial products and features within that home loan facility in a manner that will represent the lowest overall cost for your situation. A Mortgage Planner will make certain that the homeloan facility is structured to assist you in effectively managing your cashflow, while eliminating mortgage debt and building wealth as quickly as possible without compromising your lifestyle.

A Mortgage Planner will present you with an itemised quality comparison highlighting the future as well as the present home loan refinancing benefits & savings.

Lenders and Mortgage Brokers alike generally present their clients with a basic upfront loan cost and mortgage interest rates comparison whereas a Mortgage Planner will present their clients with an itemised Mortgage Plan which includes a Home Loan Refinancing Recommendation supported by a Lender, Product & Repayment System Comparison; Detailed Lender & Product Information; Interest Savings & Benefit Highlights; Debt Consolidation Comparison (if applicable); Amortisation Schedule, Cost Analysis, Borrowing Capacity and Preliminary Loan Application Assessment. 

Then as an ongoing service a Mortgage Planner will annually review your situation and progress associated with the operation of the homeloan facility.

If you would you like to receive a better understanding of your home loan refinancing options and specialist homeloan advice specifically tailored towards you paying the least amount of compounding mortgage interest and effectively owning your home in the shortest possible time, contact a Mortgage Refinancing Group Mortgage Planner for a quality objective 2nd opinion.

To find out more about Home Loan Refinancing and/or Refinancing Group’s Mortgage Planning Service give us a call on 1300 448 911 or email your contact details to enquiry@refinancinggroup.com.au and we will contact you.

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