Mortgage Brokers Australia pip Banks in customer satisfaction for Mortgage Refinancing

By: Jessica Darnbrough (The Adviser) 

Mortgage Brokers Australia beating the banks

Mortgage Brokers Australia are beating the banks in overall customer satisfaction, with the majority of customers stating they would prefer to use a mortgage loan broker for mortgage refinancing in order to have a reliable point of contact and get the best homeloan product for their mortgage refinancing needs.

According to a recent Bankwest / MFAA Home Index, customer satisfaction with Mortgage Brokers in Australia has climbed 5 per cent since last year with 7.5 out of 10 customers preferring to use the services of a Mortgage Loan Broker for their mortgage refinancing needs. Bankwest’s head of broker sales Aaron Milburn said the result was a true testament to the Mortgage Brokers Australia Mortgage Refinancing offering. “This is a great result and we look forward to working closely with Mortgage Brokers in Australia to keep them at the forefront of buyers’ minds,” Mr Milburn said.

Go to Mortgage Brokers Australia when seeking Homeloans

“Interestingly, the research shows it’s the 30 to 39 year olds who will most likely use a Mortgage Loan Broker, with just over a third saying they’d go straight to a mortgage professional (either a Mortgage Loan Broker or Mortgage Planner) when seeking out homeloans for mortgage refinancing or purchasing needs.”

MFAA chief executive officer Phil Naylor said the results showed mortgage loan brokers and mortgage planners had begun to differentiate themselves and their services from the banks and non-bank lenders.
“Whilst the majority of consumers are still selecting bank products as their preferred homeloans, there is visible improvement in the spread of non-bank home loan product and service offerings from the Mortgage Brokers Australia and Mortgage Planner market. The challenge for mortgage brokers Australia is to offer the additional services like those of Mortgage Planners which are proving popular with consumers and be able to deliver these services with the level of professionalism required” Mr Naylor said.

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