Can you be doing better with your Mortgage? A FREE Mortgage Check Up with a Mortgage Planner will reveal all.

Mortgage Planner Service

To assist homeowners keep pace with the ever increasing financial demands of their mortgage within a buoyant Australian economy, Mortgage Refinancing Group Australia through it’s Mortgage Planner Service are providing FREE Mortgage Check Ups and Mortgage Performance Improvement Assessments.

  • Rising mortgage interest rates!
  • Rising real estate values and inflation keeping pressure on interest rates!
  • Banks raising mortgage interest rates by more than the RBA Cash Rate Index increases!
  • Household Debt levels increasing to historical highs!
  • Wages not keeping pace with rising food, electricity and petrol prices!

Refinancing Group Mortgage Planner will assist you.

These are occurrences which are totally out of your control but one thing for certain that you can control, is the performance of your mortgage, and an annual Mortgage Check Up along with a Mortgage Performance Improvement Assessment carried out by a Refinancing Group Mortgage Planner will assist you to do just that.

  • Has the balance on your mortgage reduced by more than $8000 within the last 3 years?
  • Do you have access to equity of at least $10000 via a mortgage redraw facility?
  • Do you fully understand your homeloans options & features, and use them regularly to your advantage?
  • Are your total monthly debt repayments less than 40% of your salary?
  • Has it been more than 12 months since you reviewed your homeloan options?
  • Have you ever compared the services offered by a mortgage planner, to that of your mortgage broker or homeloans advisor?
  • Is your mortgage interest rate equal to or less than the Refinancing Group’s Top Ten Mortgage Interest Rates?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the above – A Mortgage Planner FREE Mortgage Check Up could well be in order!

Mortgage Planner FREE Mortgage Check Up

A Refinancing Group Mortgage Planner FREE Mortgage Check Up will highlight the areas in which you could be doing better and saving more with your mortgage and whether there Mortgage Refinancing Group through its Mortgage Planner Service are offering FREE Mortgage Check Upsis a better homeloan and/or mortgage interest rate available.  A better homeloan, mortgage structure and/or mortgage interest rate may substantially relieve the pressure that is being placed on your mortgage repayment commitments by the current rising interest rate environment and buoyant Australian Economy.

With real estate values in general sitting at historical highs, now could well be an opportune time for you to consider mortgage refinancing?

To arrange a FREE Mortgage Planner Mortgage Check Up, call our Finance Centre on 1300 448 911 and mention this article.

“Mortgage Performance Improvement Assessment” 
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