Insist on an MFAA Approved Mortgage Loan Broker

MFAA approved Mortgage Loan Broker from Mortgage Refinancing Group undertakes extensive mortgage loan broker training to become an accredited MFAA mortgage loan brokerOnly a Mortgage Loan Broker that meets the highest industry standards in education, experience and ethics gets approved by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia.

When choosing an MFAA approved Mortgage Loan Broker you can be confident that you are working with a professional who has the integrity to find a loan that is appropriate for your circumstances 

Before you sign look for the MFAA Approved Mortgage Loan Broker logo.

MFAA Full Member 56258
Refinancing Group – MFAA Approved Mortgage Loan Broker

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Mortgage Refinancing – Refinancing Mortgage

I am amazed that people in general have little knowledge of the importance of cash flow management and lifestyle management in obtaining the best result from mortgage refinancing. The resultant improvement in cashflow achieved from a well planned mortgage refinancing, when wisely spent or invested can have a major impact on our finances and future lifestyle.

Hesitation in Mortgage Refinancing

Most of us dream of owning our home sooner rather than later and would like to live a comfortable lifestyle pre and post retirement supported by an accumulation of assets, superannuation and/or savings.
So I was baffled by a recent finding which revealed that 1 in 3 homeowners are decisively unhappy with their home mortgage loan and/or home mortgage loan lender, however they are doing nothing about it. They are prepared to sit and bear the cost of an inappropriate home mortgage loan.

Maybe the uncertainty of mortgage interest rates, weak government policy and/or negative media of the major home mortgage loan lenders has people hesitant, or maybe there is a hangover of dissatisfaction from a previous mortgage refinancing and/or feeble refinance mortgage broker service.

The major concern is that the hesitation shown by these homeowners towards refinancing their mortgage to another lender or trusting another refinance mortgage broker could be costing them a considerable amount of money.

Some reports have it that the minimal improvement or change in financial position experienced by homeowners following a previous mortgage refinancing may have created a distaste of mortgage refinancing or loathing towards their home loan lender and/or mortgage loan broker.

Homeowners Attitude towards Mortgage Refinancing

Of those homeowners surveyed;
• 46 per cent are pleased with their previous mortgage refinancing, home mortgage loan and/or refinance mortgage broker service.
• 31 per cent are thinking ‘refinancing mortgage’ but only 2 per cent are actually doing something about it! That means 29 per cent know their home mortgage loan is not suitable but are hesitant to make a move towards obtaining a better one.
• 65 per cent put forward exit fees and refinancing mortgage costs as the major deterrent to switching lenders.

Kevin Roby, Senior Mortgage Planner and Professional Credit Adviser at Community BEST Home Loans believes there to be a distinct link between the actions and thoughts of homeowners / borrowers and that of current media reporting. He also believes that many borrowers do not truly understand the full benefits of mortgage refinancing in contrast to the cost of exit fees, as the complete table of benefits are not being wholly disclosed within the mortgage negotiations and/or presentations of an average mortgage loan broker or mortgage consultant.

Paying too much on your home mortgage loan. Mortgage Refinancing, Refinancing Mortgage will save you money!Of course, exit fees and refinance costs at times can be steep, but generally they are reasonable and manageable when dealt with effectively within a professionally structured mortgage refinancing plan. A well structured mortgage refinance will invariably negate the costs associated with refinancing as well as the need for future mortgage refinancing.

As a standard component of a mortgage refinancing plan, a professional refinance mortgage broker and/or mortgage planner will work out and highlight in detail the immediate and future benefits as well as potential savings associated with any mortgage refinancing. It could well be that within a few months on a new home mortgage loan the savings alone will outweigh the costs.

Mortgage Refinancing Paperwork

Another surprising reason thrown up by some homeowners as to why they will not take the steps towards mortgage refinancing is the ‘terrible ogre’ of paperwork!
Apparently, the perceived paperwork involved in switching their mortgage is so off putting that they are prepared to wear the cost of thousands of dollars of unnecessary mortgage interest charges.

What’s really crazy is that the amount of paperwork required by the homeowner for a mortgage refinancing is actually very minimal. The onus of paperwork rests mainly with the mortgage loan broker and he or she will supply that part of their service for free. Other professionals who offer a higher grade mortgage refinancing service and who can also assist with the preparation of paperwork are specialist refinance mortgage brokers and mortgage planners.

For anyone who is unhappy with their home loan or is unsure whether their homeloan is ideally suited to their needs, all they need do is invest a little bit of time with a mortgage loan broker, refinance mortgage broker or mortgage planner and then just sit back and see what better home mortgage loan deal is out there.

To find out what benefits Mortgage Refinancing may offer you, contact our Finance Centre and make an appointment to speak with one of our Refinance Mortgage Brokers. Phone 1300 448 911 or email us with a preferred time for us to contact you.

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Debt Consolidation with Mortgage Refinancing

Debt Consolidation with Mortgage Refinancing is a sensible cash flow and money management option to consider, if you are finding it difficult to meet your monthly credit repayments, energy bills, petrol bills, education and everyday living expenses.

Give Debt Consolidation with Mortgage Refinancing Serious Consideration

If the amount of spare cash left in your pocket at the end of the week is becoming less and at times there is none at all, then debt consolidation combined with mortgage refinancing should be given serious consideration before the lack of cash in your pocket transfers to mounting credit card and/or personal loan debt.
Debt consolidation with Mortgage Refinancing is an effective way to combine all your debt payments into one monthly payment when mortgage refinancingDebt Consolidation with Mortgage Refinancing involves rolling all your debts into your mortgage loan resulting in one manageable and affordable monthly repayment at a lower interest rate. Mortgage interest rates are generally less than half that of credit card interest rates and also considerably less than that charged on personal loans.

Advantages of Consolidating Debts with Mortgage Refinancing

Lower Interest Rates:
A major advantage of combining your credit cards, personal loans and car loans with your mortgage is that you can drastically reduce the rate of interest associated with your personal debts down to that of a much lower mortgage interest rate. A lower interest rate represents a saving to you and makes repayment of your debts more affordable.

Lump Sum Payout of your Debts:
Having a lump sum amount of money available to pay out your debts may enable you to negotiate a lower settlement amount with each individual credit provider or lender. Engaging the services of a debt consolidation specialist to take care of those negotiations for you, may be worth consideration?

One Manageable Monthly Payment:
When you consolidate your debts with mortgage refinancing, the result is that you replace several repayments with 1 affordable monthly payment which is an easier, time-saving and less stressful way of managing your credit as compared to paying a number of different creditors at varying times during each month. If you prefer to have a more frequent payment cycle of weekly or fortnightly to coincide with your salary, this can also be arranged.

Save on Fees & Interest:
Having a more manageable and affordable credit structure in place, will remove the risk of incurring late payment fees, bank dishonor fees and penalty interest charges. These fees and charges can be quite nasty and amount to $100′s of dollars a month.
Reassurance of Reserve Funds:
An effective debt consolidation and mortgage refinancing plan will include a reserve of funds that is available when and if needed to support your cashflow and ability to meet your commitments in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. In times of an emergency, having access to reserve funds will remove the need to use your credit card to meet commitments and/or draw cash to supplement your cash flow. Drawing cash on a credit card will incur higher interest rate charges and there is no interest free period for cash.

Protect your Credit Rating:
Re-occurring late payments and defaulting on payments can negatively affect your credit rating restricting you from obtaining credit when you need it most or for the right reasons. An impaired credit rating can have a devastating effect on your financial situation and stability long term. It is vitally important that you protect your credit rating at all times.

Protect your Major Asset, your Home:
The biggest threat to your home is not your mortgage or mortgage interest rates it is management of your cashflow and control of your personal credit, bills and everyday living expenses. Poor cashflow management, uncontrolled spending, mounting credit card and/or personal loan debt puts more pressure on the affordability of your mortgage than mortgage interest rates and any unpaid debts create a direct pathway for creditors to your major asset, your home. By consolidating your bills and debts with mortgage refinancing, resulting in a more manageable repayment plan, you will lessen any risk of losing your home to creditors.

Debt Consolidaton with Mortgage Refinancing is Effective

Staying in control of your finances, bills, expenses and ultimately getting out of debt requires determination and planning and the most important components of successful planning are cashflow management and credit control. If you are determined to stay in control of your finances and get out of debt as quickly as you can, then Debt Consolidation with Mortgage Refinancing is an effective procedure that will boost your cashflow management and greatly assist you with the control of your credit.

Kevin ‘Kezz’ Roby is the Senior Credit Advisor for Refinancing Group and a specialist in Debt Consolidation with Mortgage Refinancing. If you would like to discuss your Debt Consolidation or Mortgage Refinancing options with Kevin or if you would like Kevin to carry out an analysis of your finances, please call him on 1300 448 911 or send him an email with your contact details and he will make contact with you.

Want More Money in your Pocket at the end of the Week?
Mortgage Refinancing Group Australia – Mortgage Refinancing Specialists

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Mortgage Loan Brokers recommend Professional Homeloans Packages

Professional Homeloans Packages

Professional Homeloans packages are highly recommended by most Mortgage Loan Brokers as they are a very cost effective way to borrow money especially if your homeloan balance or combined homeloans balances are greater than $400,000.
The major benefit for the borrower is that in exchange for an annual package fee, they receive a discounted mortgage interest rate for the term of the loan, or for as long as they retain the package and pay the annual package fee.
Professional Homeloans packages were originally only offered by the major banks and were only available to select borrowers who were engaged in “so called” professional occupations (i.e. lawyers, doctors, engineers and accountants) and who earned a minimum salary of $75,000 a year. This was viewed by many Mortgage Loan Brokers as being a discriminatory lending practice as the majority of homeloan borrowers were middle class, working class constituents and resulted in Mortgage Loan Brokers seeking alternative lending arrangements for their clients with non-bank non-discriminatory 2nd tier lenders.

Professional Homeloans Packages Vary from lender to lender

Nowadays Professional Homeloans packages are more commonly available, offered by most lenders, have no salary or income qualifications and are highly recommended by Mortgage Loan Brokers due to the array of benefits attached to the package apart from the discounted mortgage interest rates.
The product and service benefits available within each lender’s professional homeloan package, varies as does the annual package fee which ranges from Nil to $395.

Homeloans Packages vary from lender to lender and contain varying types of homeloans including Variable Rate Homeloans and Fixed Rate Homeloans.Generally all types of homeloans (i.e. variable, fixed and Line of Credit) are available within a package and qualify for a discounted mortgage interest rate. The amount of the interest rate discount offered under the package usually depends on the size of the homeloan or combined homeloans within the package. For example, homeloan amounts between $250,000 and $350,000 may receive a discount of 0.4%; $350,000 – $450,000 a discount of 0.5%; $450,000 – $550,000 a discount of 0.6% and so on with the maximum discount generally being 0.8%.

In addition to discounts on interest rates, professional packages offer other features and benefits such as nil Application, Valuation and Legal fees; 100% Interest Offset accounts; Fee Free savings accounts; reduced Credit Card fees and interest rates; discounted Personal Loan interest rates and reductions in premiums for Building and Contents insurance.

Multiple Homeloans – larger mortgage interest rate discounts

As multiple homeloans can usually be included within the same professional package this can result in larger interest rate discounts being achieved along with significant savings on Loan Establishment and Loan Settlement Fees. Your Mortgage Loan Broker can advise you on the most suitable structure for achieving maximum benefits.
At times it is a requirement of the lender, especially when the lender is a bank that a transaction/savings account and/or credit card are accepted as part of the package and are applied for at the time of loan application. Although at times this may appear as a deterrent, the savings associated with owning and operating these financial products and/or services as part of a package can be considerable and are definitley worth considering.
To find out the benefits you could receive from a Homeloans Package contact one of the highly experienced and professional Mortgage Loan Brokers at Refinancing Group who will carry out a no obligation Homeloan Review to establish whether a homeloan package is the most suitable homeloan option for you.
Contact Refinancing Group on 1300 448 911 or click here now to register for an obligation free homeloans consultation.

Kevin ‘Kezz’ Roby is the Senior Credit Advisor, Mortgage Broker /Planner at Refinancing Group. His knowledge of homeloans and mortgage refinancing strategies has greatly benefited many Australian homeowners to drastically reduce the ongoing cost of their mortgage. For more information on Kevin go to
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Mortgage Brokers Australia pip Banks in customer satisfaction for Mortgage Refinancing

By: Jessica Darnbrough (The Adviser) 

Mortgage Brokers Australia beating the banks

Mortgage Brokers Australia are beating the banks in overall customer satisfaction, with the majority of customers stating they would prefer to use a mortgage loan broker for mortgage refinancing in order to have a reliable point of contact and get the best homeloan product for their mortgage refinancing needs.

According to a recent Bankwest / MFAA Home Index, customer satisfaction with Mortgage Brokers in Australia has climbed 5 per cent since last year with 7.5 out of 10 customers preferring to use the services of a Mortgage Loan Broker for their mortgage refinancing needs. Bankwest’s head of broker sales Aaron Milburn said the result was a true testament to the Mortgage Brokers Australia Mortgage Refinancing offering. “This is a great result and we look forward to working closely with Mortgage Brokers in Australia to keep them at the forefront of buyers’ minds,” Mr Milburn said.

Go to Mortgage Brokers Australia when seeking Homeloans

“Interestingly, the research shows it’s the 30 to 39 year olds who will most likely use a Mortgage Loan Broker, with just over a third saying they’d go straight to a mortgage professional (either a Mortgage Loan Broker or Mortgage Planner) when seeking out homeloans for mortgage refinancing or purchasing needs.”

MFAA chief executive officer Phil Naylor said the results showed mortgage loan brokers and mortgage planners had begun to differentiate themselves and their services from the banks and non-bank lenders.
“Whilst the majority of consumers are still selecting bank products as their preferred homeloans, there is visible improvement in the spread of non-bank home loan product and service offerings from the Mortgage Brokers Australia and Mortgage Planner market. The challenge for mortgage brokers Australia is to offer the additional services like those of Mortgage Planners which are proving popular with consumers and be able to deliver these services with the level of professionalism required” Mr Naylor said.

How long has it been since you compared your home loan to the current offerings and checked if there are any savings to be made?

Refinancing Group Mortgage Planners & Mortgage Brokers Australia Wide 
Experience a better homeloan service, phone 1300 448 911 for a complimentary home loan comparison or complete our Enquiry Form and we will contact you. 

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When Refinancing a Home use a specialist Refinance Mortgage Broker.

Do better with specialist Refinance Mortgage Broker

When refinancing a home, using the services of a specialist Refinance Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Planner is a smart way of making sure you get offered a variety of top rate homeloans, home loan refinancing strategies and mortgage interest rates. Don’t settle for every day off the shelf homeloans that are offered by the local  bank, mortgage broker or financial institution because you can do better!

Refinance Mortgage Broker – MFAA Member

Another smart move when refinancing a home is to make sure that you engage the services of a Refinance Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Planner who is a registered member  of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). Members of the MFAA have to comply with a stringent code of ethics, meet minimum educational requirements, have a minimum amount of experience and hold registration wiMortgage Refinancing Group Refinance Mortgage Brokers are registered members of the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) as a Credit Representative or Credit Licensee. Every year members are also required to keep abreast of industry changes and standards by attending a minimum number of training, advisory and information events and/or seminars.

Recently the MFAA in an undertaking to instill and maintain a minimum level of professionalism amongst its members, introduced minimum education standards requiring all member Refinance Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Planners to have achieved a Diploma of Financial Services (Finance Mortgage Broking Management) by mid 2012.

This recent action shows that the MFAA is fully committed to ensuring trust and peace of mind for the public when dealing with a Refinance Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Planner who is an MFAA Member, as they will not just be dealing with a professional who is experienced in home loan refinancing but one who also abides by a stringent Code of Operational Ethics.

Receive Better Results from Refinancing Group RefinanceMortgage Broker!

When dealing with a Refinancing Group refinance mortgage broker, you are dealing with an experienced home loan refinancing professional who holds an elevated level of financial knowledge and education, and who is highly focused on delivering a more advanced, informative and detailed service that will not only amaze you but also highly enhance your ability to obtain better results when you are refinancing a home.

To chat with a Refinancing Group Refinance Mortgage Broker about refinancing a home, homeloans or mortgage interest rates call our Finance Centre on 1300 448 911.

Own your Home Sooner and Pay Less!
Mortgage Refinancing Group Australia – Mortgage Refinancing Specialists

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Can you be doing better with your Mortgage? A FREE Mortgage Check Up with a Mortgage Planner will reveal all.

Mortgage Planner Service

To assist homeowners keep pace with the ever increasing financial demands of their mortgage within a buoyant Australian economy, Mortgage Refinancing Group Australia through it’s Mortgage Planner Service are providing FREE Mortgage Check Ups and Mortgage Performance Improvement Assessments.

  • Rising mortgage interest rates!
  • Rising real estate values and inflation keeping pressure on interest rates!
  • Banks raising mortgage interest rates by more than the RBA Cash Rate Index increases!
  • Household Debt levels increasing to historical highs!
  • Wages not keeping pace with rising food, electricity and petrol prices!

Refinancing Group Mortgage Planner will assist you.

These are occurrences which are totally out of your control but one thing for certain that you can control, is the performance of your mortgage, and an annual Mortgage Check Up along with a Mortgage Performance Improvement Assessment carried out by a Refinancing Group Mortgage Planner will assist you to do just that.

  • Has the balance on your mortgage reduced by more than $8000 within the last 3 years?
  • Do you have access to equity of at least $10000 via a mortgage redraw facility?
  • Do you fully understand your homeloans options & features, and use them regularly to your advantage?
  • Are your total monthly debt repayments less than 40% of your salary?
  • Has it been more than 12 months since you reviewed your homeloan options?
  • Have you ever compared the services offered by a mortgage planner, to that of your mortgage broker or homeloans advisor?
  • Is your mortgage interest rate equal to or less than the Refinancing Group’s Top Ten Mortgage Interest Rates?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the above – A Mortgage Planner FREE Mortgage Check Up could well be in order!

Mortgage Planner FREE Mortgage Check Up

A Refinancing Group Mortgage Planner FREE Mortgage Check Up will highlight the areas in which you could be doing better and saving more with your mortgage and whether there Mortgage Refinancing Group through its Mortgage Planner Service are offering FREE Mortgage Check Upsis a better homeloan and/or mortgage interest rate available.  A better homeloan, mortgage structure and/or mortgage interest rate may substantially relieve the pressure that is being placed on your mortgage repayment commitments by the current rising interest rate environment and buoyant Australian Economy.

With real estate values in general sitting at historical highs, now could well be an opportune time for you to consider mortgage refinancing?

To arrange a FREE Mortgage Planner Mortgage Check Up, call our Finance Centre on 1300 448 911 and mention this article.

“Mortgage Performance Improvement Assessment” 
Refinancing Group – Experts in Mortgage Refinancing.

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