When Refinancing a Home use a specialist Refinance Mortgage Broker.

Do better with specialist Refinance Mortgage Broker

When refinancing a home, using the services of a specialist Refinance Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Planner is a smart way of making sure you get offered a variety of top rate homeloans, home loan refinancing strategies and mortgage interest rates. Don’t settle for every day off the shelf homeloans that are offered by the local  bank, mortgage broker or financial institution because you can do better!

Refinance Mortgage Broker – MFAA Member

Another smart move when refinancing a home is to make sure that you engage the services of a Refinance Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Planner who is a registered member  of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). Members of the MFAA have to comply with a stringent code of ethics, meet minimum educational requirements, have a minimum amount of experience and hold registration wiMortgage Refinancing Group Refinance Mortgage Brokers are registered members of MFAA.th the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) as a Credit Representative or Credit Licensee. Every year members are also required to keep abreast of industry changes and standards by attending a minimum number of training, advisory and information events and/or seminars.

Recently the MFAA in an undertaking to instill and maintain a minimum level of professionalism amongst its members, introduced minimum education standards requiring all member Refinance Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Planners to have achieved a Diploma of Financial Services (Finance Mortgage Broking Management) by mid 2012.

This recent action shows that the MFAA is fully committed to ensuring trust and peace of mind for the public when dealing with a Refinance Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Planner who is an MFAA Member, as they will not just be dealing with a professional who is experienced in home loan refinancing but one who also abides by a stringent Code of Operational Ethics.

Receive Better Results from Refinancing Group RefinanceMortgage Broker!

When dealing with a Refinancing Group refinance mortgage broker, you are dealing with an experienced home loan refinancing professional who holds an elevated level of financial knowledge and education, and who is highly focused on delivering a more advanced, informative and detailed service that will not only amaze you but also highly enhance your ability to obtain better results when you are refinancing a home.

To chat with a Refinancing Group Refinance Mortgage Broker about refinancing a home, homeloans or mortgage interest rates call our Finance Centre on 1300 448 911.

Own your Home Sooner and Pay Less!
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